'Bachelor' Sean Lowe defends wife's April Fools' Day pregnancy prank

'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Defends Wife's April Fools Pregnancy Prank
'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Defends Wife's April Fools Pregnancy Prank

Former 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe has come to the defense of his wife for an April Fools' Day joke that didn't go over super well on social media.On April 1st, Catherine Giudici posted an Instagram photo with a quip about being pregnant: "17 weeks." Commenters derided the post for poking fun at fertility, with comments like "With so many woman [sic] who lose babies and have fertility issues it's not right to joke about being pregnant!!"

Lowe wrote on his blog that his wife's Instagram was "not the place to voice those feelings."

" ... on nearly every picture Catherine posts on Instagram, she gets flooded with comments from people who tell her she looks pregnant ... it would be really tough for any woman to hear that "she looks pregnant" on a daily basis when she's not ... So that was the genesis of yesterday's post, it was playing off of the bombardment of pregnancy comments she reads every day and messing with those who post them," Lowe added in the post.

The couple married in a televised ceremony in 2014 and have said that they want children in the future.

Giudici later clarified that she wasn't pregnant in another Instagram post of a woman with a burger in her stomach. ""I LOVE BURGERS! I LOVE PRANKS! I LOVE LIFE! About my earlier post, it was intended to be lighthearted and fun and certainly not insensitive. My heart goes out to all the women struggling with fertility," she wrote.

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