AOL's 'Connected' cast lets us know what social network they're obsessed with

Connected S1:E1 | Walking Up To The Pretty Girl

The cast of AOL's new original show 'Connected' is a unique and refreshing take on reality television, in that it is 100% true and authentic. The show focuses on the lives of six New Yorkers and their journey through life and amazing New York City. Each cast member was given a personal hand-held camera to document their every move from morning to night. 'Connected' provides viewers with a look into their personal lives, as well as society as a whole.

The 'Connected' cast stopped by the offices to chat a bit and spill details about the new show. Watch below where some of the cast members tell us what their favorite form of social media is.

Derek Gaines, Stand-Up Comedian

Eli & Ido Bendet-Taicher, Married High Tech Executives​

Nina Ferrerr-Mannino, Interior Designer, Architect, and Photographer

To watch even more Vines from the 'Connected' cast, check out AOL's Vine account! Also, be sure to watch the 'Connected' series on AOL On!
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