Woman buys birthday cake and wins $3 million lottery jackpot

Woman Seeking Birthday Cake Gets $3M Lottery Ticket Surprise

One New York woman is pretty happy about her husband's birthday. It just made her $3 million richer.

Valhalla, New York, resident Darlene Smith ran to the supermarket to buy her husband an ice cream cake and also bought some scratch-off lottery tickets while she was there. When she got home, she was shocked to see the big win.

So shocked that she asked her 15-year-old to review it and make sure she wasn't seeing things. He confirmed it and also tried to get in on the winnings.

"He says 'Oh, I want a BMW.' I said, 'Yeah kid, right," Smith joked.

Mom buying cake wins $3M lotto
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Woman buys birthday cake and wins $3 million lottery jackpot

Smith is staying humble about the whole thing, saying she'll keep her job.

"Smith is a postal worker and says she may skip work today but only because she has a cold," ABC's Amy Robach said.

Smith bought the ticket on Feb. 15, claiming the winnings later that day. And she must have been "on" that day - she says she almost didn't buy the ticket because the guy in front of her was taking so long.

In fact, it's possible all of Lower Hudson Valley is on a lucky streak. The Journal News points out this is the third time someone from the area has hit it big this year, including $7 million winnerin New City and a $5 million in Yonkers.

Smith hasn't decided if she'll take the money in one lump sum or in 20 payment increments. Either way, that's a lot of cake money.

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