Florida considers legalizing 'living in sin'

Florida Considers Legalizing
Florida Considers Legalizing

Florida has never been revered for its progressive politics -- but this year the state just might legalize living in sin.

Lawmakers in Florida are pushing to repeal an 1856 law that makes it illegal to co-habitate with a partner.

That's right, living together unmarried in Florida could cost up to $500 in fines or even jail time for adults consenting to quote "lewd and lascivious behavior."

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Democratic State Senator Eleanor Sobel is among those fighting to take down the law. On Wednesday she told the Senate Judiciary Committee "[...] the times have changed ... Currently, over a half-million couples in Florida are breaking this law. The government should not intrude into the private lives of consenting adults."

But with a law that's been around more than a century -- what's one more month?

The full Florida Senate will debate the repeal in May. The State House currently working on its own version.

Right now, Michigan and Mississippi are the only other states where it's still illegal to cohabitate with a partner.

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