California couple tricks robber at TGI Friday's

California Couple Tricks Robber at TGI Friday's
California Couple Tricks Robber at TGI Friday's

A California couple tricked an armed robber at a TGI Friday's on Monday.

A police officer told KNSD, "It was pretty smart of him to do that to, you know, get somebody outside and call for help."

So here's what went down: The couple was cleaning up after hours at the restaurant when a gunman barged in, telling them to get on the ground.

According to KSWB, the gunman robbed them, taking their cellphones and wallets. Then the husband had a bright idea.

As a KGTV reporter says, "The husband, he pretended to be sick, and the wife convinced the robber to let her go to the parking lot to get his medicine."

But instead of getting medicine, she called for help. Now, what happened after that is a bit unclear.

According to our partners at KGTV, the police officers say the robber took the couple's truck and was last spotted inside a CVS store nearby. But KNSD reports the wife herself drove the truck across the street when she went to get help.

Either way, when the husband saw their truck was gone, he thought the gunman had taken his wife. But he was relieved and all smiles when he learned she was safe.More on
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