Women win $50K BMW in 'reverse April Fools' joke

Women Win $50K BMW in 'Reverse April Fools' Joke
Women Win $50K BMW in 'Reverse April Fools' Joke

BMW may have just invented the reverse April Fools' prank -- and these women couldn't have been happier to fall for it.

A BMW dealership in New Zealand put an ad in the paper for an 'April 1st Special,' saying the first person to show up with the ad in hand and a car to trade in would get a brand new Beemer. Who would fall for that?

Most people didn't want to wake up early and walk into disappointment, but these two women were the exception. Were they optimistic or oblivious? Let's find out.

Here's how the conversation basically went:

Winner: We found this in the um, "Herald."
BMW rep: You found it in the "Herald?" You got a car at the moment?
Winner: Yeah, it's just outside.
BMW rep: Well, I can tell you, that car is owned by us ... because congratulations, you guys are the brand new owners of BMW!

Well, they certainly got the last laugh as they drove off in their Black BMW 1 Series worth fifty thousand New Zealand dollars. BMW says, "It was a test to see who would risk looking like the ultimate fool for the ultimate car."

If you want to meet the ladies who took that risk, just drive around New Zealand looking for the car with this license plate: NOFOOL.

Watch the entire 'prank' unfold below:

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