Tom Hanks' son Chet Haze threatens Howard Stern


Howard Stern Is Feuding With Tom Hanks Son Chet Haze
Howard Stern Is Feuding With Tom Hanks Son Chet Haze

We didn't see this feud coming.

Tom Hanks' son, rapper Chet Haze, is using his Twitter to launch an outright attack on Howard Stern and his crew after they made some not-so-nice, NSFW comments about the 24-year-old Hollywood heir on Stern's Sirius radio show. Earlier this month, Chet's name came up when fellow radio personality Rude Jude stopped by the show. "I feel bad for Tom Hanks," Stern joked. "My white son has homies."

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This wouldn't be the first time Stern, 61, has insulted Chet. Upon learning of his rap career in Feb. 2011, he joked, "Where'd he grow up, Beverly Hills? What a d**che."

"Listening to the @HowardStern show this sh** isn't funny at all... Lame yuppie humor #StepYourGameUp #Outdated," he tweeted in response to Stern's recent quips.

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This message then led to a barrage of tweets from Chet, whose legal name is Chester Hanks, that were all later deleted but tracked by numerous media sites. "Let me come up on your show b*tch," he wrote. "Come catch this fade ... have me live on the air and we can go pound for pound see who looks like the fool you dried up old c**t ... easy to talk sh*t in a closed off room p**sy, have me up there in the studio with you let's give the ppl what they want."

The tweets went on to become more threatening. "Do you have any idea how badly I am going to assault you when I see you... You can't run from me forever knock knees... Listen. One day, maybe tomorrow, maybe 10 years from now, I am going to see you in person, and I am going to hurt you," he wrote. "I hope you travel with security!!! PLEASE have me on the show... I'll sh*t on you and your yuppie sidekicks on your own show... it's a shame you don't hang in the same circles as my family (not enough bread for that) cuz if you did I woulda already seen u."

Later realizing that this might not be the best publicity move, Chet acknowledged that his outburst would make headlines -- but in the most profanity-laden way possible. "I AM A WALKING PR DISASTER AND I COULD LITERALLY GIVE A F**K LESS!!!!!" he wrote. "OH WAIT I MEANT I LITERALLY (sic) DON'T GIVE A SINGLE F**K!!!!"

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Tom Hanks has yet to react to his son's outburst towards the outspoken radio personality. Stern has also not been keen on commenting.

This wouldn't be the first time Stern has come under fire for his remarks. See how Sam Smith responded when he referred to the GRAMMY winner as fat and ugly.

Sam Smith Responds to Howard Stern Calling Him Fat & Ugly
Sam Smith Responds to Howard Stern Calling Him Fat & Ugly

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