Tom Brady pranks Patriots by pretending to be grievously injured (Photo)

Tom Brady Posts Hilarious April Fools Prank On Facebook
Tom Brady Posts Hilarious April Fools Prank On Facebook

Tom Brady's cliff-diving stunt likely did not go over that well inside the Patriots organization, where Brady is regarded much the same way the tribe in Raiders regarded their own precious golden idol. As much as the Pats would like to stick Brady in a little chamber at the end of a long string of ridiculously elaborate boobytraps for the duration of the offseason, that's just not practical (plus he'd get incredibly bored).

Brady knows how freaked out the Pats were by the cliff-diving thing but, in true Tom Brady Action Man fashion, he's not sweating that one bit. In fact, Brady decided to tweak the nervous Pats by posting an April Fool's Prank featuring a picture of him in a full body cast. For extra tweakage, Brady pretended his grievous injuries were the result of Michael Jordan crossing him over (Brady was also caught on video playing pickup ball with MJ). Who knew Tom Brady was this f–king hilarious?

Is it funny now Bob Kraft? You laughing now Bill Belichick? You holding your sides and guffawing Patriots fans? Guessing the answer is no. Damn Brady, doesn't Kraft have enough stress with the Aaron Hernandez stuff? Lay off the old man.

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