Share an inside look into your life with #AOLconnected

Connected S1:E1 | Walking Up To The Pretty Girl

In celebration of the launch of Connected, we want readers to to share a peek into your lives! From a selfie with your family, to a Vine of your reaction to Connected episodes, share how you're connected by using the hashtag #AOLconnected across social platforms!

Use #AOLconnected and you may appear on as our editors will be scouring the social sphere for submissions.

Watch how the 'Connected' cast got #AOLconnected below as they share how they would describe 'Connected' in three words.

How would you describe 'Connected'? Whether you're tweeting us or Vining us, use the hashtag #AOLconnected! (You can watch the first episode above!)

Rosie Noesi, Radio & TV Host

Lori Levine, CEO & Founder of Flying Television/PR Firm & Bag Designer

Eli & Ido Bendet-Taicher, Married High Tech Executives

Johnathan Bricklin, Aspiring Writer and Entrepreneur

Derek Gaines, Stand-up Comedian
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