Mother says store scolded daughter who tried on boys suit

Mother Says Store Scolded Daughter Who Tried on Boys Suit
Mother Says Store Scolded Daughter Who Tried on Boys Suit

A Texas mother was allegedly scolded by a store clerk after she let her daughter try on a boys suit.

The mother told KTEN: "My daughter is a tomboy. She's preferred to dress in boys clothes since she was about 3 years old."

The mother told KTEN, the outlet that broke the story, the clerk's reacted with a "face of disgust" and said she was "promoting wrong behavior."

"That parents should not let their children choose the way that they dress if it's cross-gendered," the mother said.

KTEN reports the store, Martha's Miniatures, posted to its Facebook page with this post, which has since been taken down: "I was so shocked she asked for a boys suit for the child. ... This is child abuse from the mother."

We attempted to verify this post - captured in a screenshot by KTEN - but the store is unable to be found on Facebook.

And the website was also "closed for maintenance" as of Wednesday morning.

According to Raw Story, legal experts say businesses in that county are allowed to "discriminate against customers based on perceived sexual orientation."

This incident comes in the midst of the controversy stirred up by religious freedom bills in Indiana and Arkansas that opponents say allow merchants to use religious beliefs as justification to deny services.

However, the Texas mother says she and her daughter weren't denied service; they chose to shop elsewhere after the clerk's reaction.

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