Man killed by mother-in-law's gravestone

Man Killed By Mother-In-Law's Gravestone
Man Killed By Mother-In-Law's Gravestone

A Pennsylvania man who died after his mother-in-law's tombstone fell on him will be buried right by her grave.

WNEP reports 74-year-old Stephen Woytack was kneeling beside his mother-in-law's headstone with his wife on the other side on Easter. They were tying a religious ornament to the stone, as they do every year, when it fell on Woytack and killed him.

His wife says she immediately ran to Ed Kubilus, a caretaker at the cemetery, for help.

"Usually I come down and talk to them right away but I went up the other end to start picking up the Christmas ornaments and she came running up, 'Help me, the stone fell on Stephen!'"

Kubilus, who had seen the couple visit several times, says he tried to lift the 400-pound stone but couldn't.

He told the Times-Tribune shifting gravestones can be an issue in the spring when the ground begins to thaw out.

Woytack's family says they plan to bury him right in front of the headstone that killed him.

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