Analysis finds 61,000 US bridges to be 'structurally deficient'

Analysis Finds 61,000 US Bridges To Be 'Structurally Deficient'
Analysis Finds 61,000 US Bridges To Be 'Structurally Deficient'

Bridges are a significant part of the US infrastructure, but based on a recent analysis not all of them are fully up to performing their important tasks.

An analysis of a US Department of Transportation report concerning the conditions of bridges throughout the nation revealed that 61,000 of them are 'structurally deficient.'

Thankfully, that term does not mean impassable or necessarily even imminently dangerous. It simply reflects that an element of the structure has been deemed subpar.

The rating system used spans from 0 to 9, with the latter being perfect.

The 4 rating serves as the threshold for a deficiency declaration, and ;bridge only need receive one poor mark to qualify as such overall.

According to the Chief Economist of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, the organization that did the analysis, things could get a whole lot worse.

She notes that funding for restoration is insufficient and repair efforts rely heavily upon a government bailout of about 65 billion dollars.

The extension of the needed money is a matter that requires congressional approval prior to May 31st.

In light of uncertainties about the availability of the funds, numerous states have tabled upcoming service plans.

A number of others are seeking alternative means, including raising gasoline taxes.

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