Queen of England's frustrated Windsor Castle staff to vote on taking action

Queen Of England's Frustrated Windsor Castle Staff To Vote On Taking Action
Queen Of England's Frustrated Windsor Castle Staff To Vote On Taking Action

Staff members employed by the Queen of England and working at Windsor Castle are frustrated by their sub-living wage pay and will soon vote on whether or not they will take action.

The Guardian reported that, "More than 100 low-paid staff at Windsor Castle are due to be balloted from Tuesday in a dispute about leading guided tours, the Public and Commercial Services Union, union [PCS] said."

The services they may pull involve those they're currently performing for free, including giving tours of the property. At present, their annual financial compensation for the regular duties is the equivalent of approximately $20,000 US dollars per year.

Last year, a pay increase that was considered 'unsatisfactory' was accepted on the condition that compensation for the extra, unpaid work would be considered. When the time to renegotiate came, the additional money for those activities was denied.

Now, the 120 of the 200 staff members who are members of the union will decide if they're going to do the work at all.

PCS posted the following remarks from general secretary Mark Serwotka: "These workers are loyal to their employer and absolutely committed to ensuring visitors are given the royal treatment. It is scandalous that staff are so appallingly paid and expected to do work for free that brings in money for the royal family."

He noted that voting will begin on March 31st, and will close on April 14th. The PCS will then take action, if necessary, at the end of April.

The Royal Collection Trust, which manages the Queen's castles, said that the wage currently being paid is in line with market medians. Additionally, the Truth noted that those who do the extra duties do so voluntarily, and no one is forced to participate in the goodwill programs.

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