Man takes Pizza Hut to court over 'excessively hard crouton'

Man Takes Pizza Hut to Court Over 'Excessively Hard Crouton'
Man Takes Pizza Hut to Court Over 'Excessively Hard Crouton'

Here's a lawsuit with bite - literally.

A Tennessee man took Pizza Hut to court over what he called an "excessively hard crouton."

Everett Chattman, of Harriman, Tennessee, was eating at a nearby Pizza Hut when he allegedly broke a partial denture as he bit into a crouton.

According to the Roane County News in Kingston, Tennessee, Chattman and his lawyer initially attempted to deal with the situation through insurance, but they filed suit when negotiations stalled.

WBIR reports Chattman accused Pizza Hut of causing personal injuries and damages.

And his lawyer used what we're guessing is some out-of-the-ordinary legal language to do it. He said Pizza Hut damaged Chattman's denture by "negligently serving at defendant's restaurant excessively hard croutons."

Sounds legit, right? Luckily for Chattman, the judge saw things his way and awarded him $2,400 along with interest and court costs.

But despite the legal question having been decided, there might be a bigger mystery at hand here.

"The real question is who actually orders salad at Pizza Hut?," Nick Lachey asked on VH1's "Big Morning Buzz."


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