Drought leads to stinky situation in California

Drought Leads to Stinky Situation in California Neighborhood
Drought Leads to Stinky Situation in California Neighborhood

SACRAMENTO -- A smelly stench in Midtown Sacramento has left a lot of residents and business owners curious.

"It stinks real bad," said Raj Patel, whose family owns the Peace Market on 18th and O Streets.

"I don't know. It just smells like someone took a big poop outside," Patel laughed, adding that the stench has affected his business. "Someone told me yesterday that one guy doesn't come here because he thinks the store smells."

City spokesperson Rhea Serran told FOX40 Monday that Downtown and Midtown Sacramento have been historically stinky due to the combined storm and waste water systems. Serran adds that city officials are dealing with a new challenge this year, "One way to remedy it is to flush it out. Due to the drought, we are no longer doing that," Serran said.

It takes thousands of gallons of water to flush the sewage system and in an effort to save water, Serran says city officials have chosen to stop flushing the system this year.

"It's also hot out lately," he added.

Residents within city limits are urged to call 311 should the stench be too much to handle.

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