'Antiques Roadshow:' Frederic Remington portrait worth $800K

'Antiques Roadshow:' Frederic Remington Portrait Worth $800K
'Antiques Roadshow:' Frederic Remington Portrait Worth $800K

On Monday night's episode of "Antiques Roadshow," a very special portrait painted by American artist and sculptor Frederic Remington was given a price tag even the owner couldn't believe.

"This piece, together with the letter, would be something that I would value at auction between $600,000 and $800,000," said appraiser Colleene Fesko on "Antiques Roadshow."

"Oh my goodness! I was hoping I would be wildly exuberant. I am," said Ty Dodge, the painting's owner.

Ty Dodge, the lucky owner of this incredibly valuable painting, said it had been in his family for years.

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And the man depicted in the Western portrait? Dodge's own great-grandfather, Army officer Lea Febiger.

Turns out, Febiger was a good friend of Remington. He even wrote a letter that goes with the painting describing the adventures they had together back in the late 1800s.

Now, when the letter alone was valued at $2,000, we knew the painting had to be worth a pretty penny. But close to $1 million?!

Dodge said he knew the nearly 120-year-old portrait by one of the most important Western artists of the century was worth a lot. But even he was floored by just how valuable it turned out to be.

He told AL.com before the episode aired, "Frankly, I was pretty shocked. ... We had it appraised for insurance purposes back in the '60s, and it was appraised at $7,500."

But looks like Dodge won't be cashing in on the piece. He recently donated it to the Birmingham Museum of Art to include with its collection of Remington bronze sculptures.

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