11 natural remedies for zits

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Growing out of my teen years, I thought zits would become a funny (although painful) memory of the past. Guess what-they didn't! Every once in a while, a solitary pimple appears just before a special event, as if to remind me about a certain guy called Murphy and his law. After trying toothpaste and other silly ways of zit-zapping, I've rounded up the best natural remedies for zits, and decided to stick with these tried-and-true homemade methods.

1. DIY zit-fighting treatment by Hello Natural. This natural treatment mixes jojoba oil with garlic and tea tree oil, and it fights zits with its anti-bacterial properties.

2. Homemade pimple cream by Blah Blah Magazine. Thyme oil is an efficient weapon against pimples and blackheads, especially when paired with bicarbonate soda.

3. Homemade zit zapper by Little House Living. Featuring a number of essential oils, this zit zapper comes in convenient tube form for easy application.

4. Aspirin acne mask by The Beauty Department. Get rid of blemish with this aspirin- and distilled water-based face mask.

5. Zit-zapping strawberry face peel by Hello Natural. An exfoliating, zit-reducing face mask made with strawberries, aspirin and lemon juice.

6. DIY lavender melrose acne treatment spray by Veggie Converter. Mix melrose and lavender essential oils with witch hazel in a handy spray bottle.

7. DIY facial mask by DIY Fashion. This anti-acne mask is made with household ingredients such as baking soda, honey and cinnamon.

8. Oatmeal face scrubs for acne by Boldsky. Oatmeal works great as an exfoliant and it helps clear the skin, whether you mix it with honey, turmeric or milk.

9. Practically free zit cream by Sunny With a Chance of Sprinkles. Getting rid of acne doesn't mean you have to break the bank. This cream is made with just baking soda and water!

10. Melaleuca zit-zapper salve by Jenni Rain Cloud. A salve made with melaleuca essential oil, coconut oil and beeswax to give you clear skin.

11. This shrink-a-pimple method by Hello Natural might just be the easiest and cheapest way to reduce pain and swelling from a zit: ice cubes.

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