Students discover math lecturer is successful male model

Students Discover Math Lecturer Is Successful Male Model

What would you do if you found out that your math lecturer was leading a secret double life a hugely successful model? Post it on Facebook, obviously!

A photo of lecturer Pietro Boselli has gone viral since his students discovered his other job. In the shot -- posted by one of his students -- he's teaching at the University of London on the left, and modeling shirtless on the right.

It turns out his secret life may not be so secret after all: He was apparently discovered by Georgio Armani and has 161,000 followers on Instagram.

Not only is he a famous model, but at 25, he also has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Talk about an impressive resume!!

Math teacher/Male model
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Students discover math lecturer is successful male model

That moment when you realized your maths lecturer is one of the top designer model  #OnlyatUCL#UCLengineering #MechanicalEngineers#ModellingandAnalysisClass #Bromance 

photo: Arief Azli via Facebook

London roof terrace 🏢🏤
What do you train for?
Post-workout selfie
'Hot Math Teacher' Model Pietro Boselli Breaks the Internet - #hotmathteacher #viral #Equinox #TVspot #advertising
I'd overcome my aversion to maths whether my personal teacher were a Pietro Boselli... the WHOLE package! I really mean it! #PietroBoselli
Meet–and gaze at–the "world's hottest math teacher," #PietroBoselli:
Didn't even know 25 year old Engineering PHD model's existed. As if he wasn't sexy enough. #pietroboselli #intelligenceissexy #omwtoItaly

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