Stranger pays it forward, foots man's bill at Costco

Stranger Foots A Man's Bill At Costco
Stranger Foots A Man's Bill At Costco

"This is where the floodworks come," Migdalia Convery told KGTV.

That was Migdalia Convery. A complete stranger helped her father at a California Costco on March 24.

Convery's father, who did not release his name, was all set to check out when he realized he didn't remember his PIN. Our partners at KGTV report that he wanted to go outside and ask his wife for the number but worried about holding up the rest of the line.

That's when another man in line came to his rescue and offered to pay for the items.

"My dad's a very proud man, a Vietnam vet. 'No, I need to insist that I get your information. I must pay you back. I can't do this.' ... He insisted on and on again, and finally my dad just had to walk out and said, 'I can't accept this,'" Convery told KGTV.

While Convery's father was outside getting the PIN number, the stranger paid for the items totaling more than $130 and had a Costco employee deliver them outside to him.

KGTV is asking viewers on Facebook if they were at the store that day and know who the kind stranger was. So far, though, no one seems to know.

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