Riders evacuated from famed roller coaster

Riders evacuated from famed roller coaster
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Riders evacuated from famed roller coaster
It was opening day at the Coney Island amusement park in Brooklyn, New York — but one ride just wasn’t ready.
Riders climb down coaster after it stalls http://t.co/p7Nwx2CV2J
The Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island gets stuck at the top of the track http://t.co/9zQm0WnqMp http://t.co/SkzOA8GtzC
Coney Island roller coaster mishap briefly strands riders http://t.co/2Cf7XaYRB3 #abc13 http://t.co/40xiKylade
Riders forced to climb down Coney Island roller coaster after it gets stuck in tracks. http://t.co/UeWqW2bpMK http://t.co/gE6AYujOqP
Coney Island's famed Cyclone coaster gets stuck on first run of the season http://t.co/NdMfRYXLnU http://t.co/MHfnarWfne
Coney Island roller coaster gets stuck on opening day. http://t.co/FxkZxYXiBZ

It was opening day at the Coney Island amusement park in Brooklyn, New York - but one ride just wasn't ready.

Luna Park's famed wooden roller coaster the Cyclone got stuck near the top of its track on Sunday on its first trip of the season and right before the first big drop.

The incident happened around noon and forced passengers to walk down the tracks to safety. Not the most exciting way to go down, but fortunately no one was hurt.

The 87-year-old ride is the park's main attraction and a visitor who has been on the ride more than 1,000 times told WABC what happened.

"Eric Adams, the borough president came down and christened the ride, the dignitaries took their ride, everything went fine and then us general public went for a nice ride, and we had a little belt slippage, and they shut it down. The locks were in place, so the ride didn't slide back down, and then staff came up and safely escorted us off the ride."

Twitter user @Mzz_Porsche tweeted, "was only a matter of time with that Cyclone Roller coaster."

And @Kvelsey said, "This sounds awful, but also kind of amazing."

One rider told WNBC, "It was terrifying, because I was up there and everything was spinning and I didn't know what to do."

And another said, "I'm scared of heights, but with their help I made it down."

According to AM New York, the ride is expected to reopen on Saturday.

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