Real estate photos featuring smiling grandma become viral sensation

Real Estate Photos Featuring Smiling Grandma Become Viral Sensation
Real Estate Photos Featuring Smiling Grandma Become Viral Sensation

We have all seen photos of people being photobombed. But when was the last time you saw a house getting photobombed?

A grandmother in Florida is getting quite a bit of attention after photobombing some real estate pictures. 86-year-old Yolie Ball was having fun with her granddaughter, Makenzie and had been posing for photos inside her Davenport home.

Makenzie shared the images on Twitter and noted, "My grandma is trying to sell her house in Florida and these are the pics I am laughing so hard."

Ball knew the pictures were being taken for the purpose of selling her house.

Typically, when that's done, the images highlight just the rooms, without any people. But in this case, the grinning grandmother is the focal point in all of the pictures. Twitter users are definitely fans of her and even better than that, some of them have expressed interest in her home, which has been on the market for several months.

Ball said, "Hopefully after all this time the house will sell. Not because we want to but because it's come to a stage in our life that our daughter is quite adamant that we be close to her."

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