Phaedra Parks gets emotional about her nasty divorce on 'RHOA'

'RHOA:' Phaedra Parks Gets Emotional About Her Nasty Divorce
'RHOA:' Phaedra Parks Gets Emotional About Her Nasty Divorce

Phaedra Parks had a rare emotional moment on Sunday night's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

"Obviously, it's very tough, because, not because of me, but because it affects my kids so much," said Phaedra Parks on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

"Right," said Claudia Jordan.

"You know, you have all kinds of weird stares. You know, and you can't, you know, can't explain that," said Phaedra Parks.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Those are actual tears coming from the typically stoic eyes of Phaedra Parks as she discussed her nasty divorce from husband Apollo Nida.

When Claudia Jordan first asked Phaedra about the split at breakfast on the first day of their group trip to the Philippines, the notoriously private housewife politely declined to share.

After a while, though, Phaedra couldn't help but talk about how much the divorce and Apollo's eight-year prison sentence are affecting their two young sons.

We weren't the only ones in disbelief that Phaedra let her guard down in front of Claudia, even though we all know that she went through a pretty tough divorce herself.

"I've never seen her cry. Phaedra cried?!" said Cynthia Bailey.

Phaedra's willingness to open up to Claudia about her issues is just one example of how much everything is really affecting her.

Apollo has been incarcerated since early September, and there was plenty of drama between them before he began his sentence.

The housewife told Ellen DeGeneres that it's been tough raising their children by herself.

"My heart aches for my two sons because, you know, they are the heart and soul of who I am. You know, and that's the best thing we ever did together. We have these great kids."

It's unclear when Apollo will be released from prison, but Phaedra has confirmed that the two will likely be divorced by the time he becomes a free man again.

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