Fred Durst dons hoodie proving he's not murder suspect Robert Durst

Fred Durst Dons Hoodie Proving He's Not Robert
Fred Durst Dons Hoodie Proving He's Not Robert

Since the HBO miniseries 'The Jinx' took off, people with the last name 'Durst' have aimed to distance themselves from the millionaire murder suspect, and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has had a particularly tricky time.

He recently posted an Instagram photo sporting a hoodie making it clear that he is "Not Robert."

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The Associated Press mixed up the two in a story published in mid-March, saying that Fred was the murder suspect and Robert was the tattooed musician and film director rocking a goatee.

It turns out that Freddy isn't the only celeb to share a name with an alleged (or convicted) criminal.

Singer John Legend says he constantly gets flagged at the Canadian border because he shares his real name, John Stephens, with another man who has a criminal record.

Country pop singer Jessie James has the same name as the infamous outlaw - though since they spell it differently and look nothing alike, the blonde bombshell is safe.

And then there are the Mansons. Charles Manson is the criminal and musician who was convicted of mass murder, while Marilyn Manson is the musician who hasn't been convicted of mass murder.

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