Former manager explains Axl Rose, Slash feud

Former manager explains Axl Rose, Slash feud

He explained,"I told him not to do it because Axl was molested by his father when he was two and he believed the charges against Michael Jackson. Everyone knew that Eddie Van Halen was paid $1 million for participating in 'Beat It'. So, I asked Slash, 'How much are you receiving?' and he said, 'I'll just get a big screen TV.'"

When Axl found out his good friend and band member was playing with who he believed to be a child molester for a TV set Goldstein said, "He was devastated. He thought that Slash would support it and would be against all the abuse. From the point of view of Axl, that was the only problem. He could ignore the drugs and alcohol (with which the guitarist had serious problems) but could never ignore child abuse. "

Slash continued working with Jackson, even scoring a fiery guitar solo in the 1991 hit "Black or White." But his partnership with MJ only made things worse with the band and he played his final show with Guns 'N Roses in 1993.

Over the years Axl has promoted himself as quite the diva for a number of famous feuds, including Tommy Hilfiger, members of Motley Crue, Dexter Holland and The Offspring, Metallica and Kurt Cobain.

Goldstein told the Rolling Stone that there's a good chance the band could reunite if Slash apologized to Axl but...we won't hold our breath.

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