Patti Stanger reveals Dina Lohan was 'crazy' on 'Matchmaker'

Patty Stanger Reveals Dina Lohan Was 'Crazy' on 'Matchmaker'
Patty Stanger Reveals Dina Lohan Was 'Crazy' on 'Matchmaker'

On Thursday night's episode of "Watch What Happens Live," "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger dished about the show's upcoming season finale featuring Dina Lohan.

And it sounds like we're in for one hell of an episode.

"The bottom line is that she was terrified, and she pulled the ripcord. It was Teresa style, flipping the table. And we didn't expect it by the way, we didn't think she was going to go that crazy," said Patti Stanger on "Watch What Happens Live."

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Whoa. And considering everything Patti has seen over the years as a matchmaker, that's saying something.

So, just how out of control was Dina? We'll just let this preview clip from Bravo speak for itself.

"These guys have real jobs."

"I'm done. I don't trust anyone."

"All I care about is that you find love, and you're not giving three great guys a chance!"

"I'm out of here. I'm calling Lindsay and getting the BLEEP out of here right now."

Woof. And if you thought that was bad, a source told Radar Online Dina reportedly demanded a $10,000 facelift and $25,000 in payment before she agreed to be on the show.

Besides spilling that juicy little tidbit, Patti was pretty tight-lipped about the finale. But we're even more excited to see the trainwreck that is Dina Lohan's matchmaker attempt.

To see all the drama for yourself, you can check out the season finale of "The Millionaire Matchmaker" Sunday on Bravo.

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