Two sisters battle for the biggest 'Gypsy Wedding' dress

Two Sisters Battle for the Biggest 'Gypsy Wedding' Dress
Two Sisters Battle for the Biggest 'Gypsy Wedding' Dress

On Thursday night's episode of "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding," two sisters planning a double wedding took sibling rivalry to a whole new level.

"I want my dress bigger than hers," said Brittany on "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding."

"Hell, no. Mine's going to be bigger. Overall, mine's gonna be way bigger," said Kalynn.

"No, mine has to be bigger. I'm the oldest, I should get the biggest dress. Yes!" said Brittany.

"No," said Kalynn.

Yes, gypsy sisters Kalynn and Brittany each wanted to have the biggest, blingiest dress at their joint affair.

And they knew only dressmaker extraordinaire Sondra Celli could give them both what they wanted for their big day.

The girls were nervous to see their gowns in person for the first time. But when they arrived at Sondra's shop a week before the wedding...

"Oh my god!" both sisters screamed.

Okay, we think it's safe to say Kalynn and Brittany loved the finished products.

And they weren't the only ones. Fans of the show on Twitter were loving them too, with one user saying she'd love to have one just like them for her own wedding day.

Sondra used between 300 and 400 yards of tulle for each gown. And the bodices included a whopping 15,000 gemstones a piece. Talk about bling!

But before the girls could give their seal of approval, they had to check one last detail.

"I think mine's a little bit bigger than yours," said Brittany.

"Sondra, do you have a tape measurer?" asked Kalynn.

"Sure I have a tape measurer!" said Sondra.

"Thank you," said Kalynn.

After some careful measuring, the sisters determined Kalynn's dress was bigger by one inch, much to Brittany's dismay.

But luckily, the girls were able to put their dress feud aside pretty quickly to enjoy their fairytale double wedding. Ah, gotta love that sisterly gypsy love.

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