Teacher brought yoga to millions

Rachel Brathen is the yoga teacher who's used Instagram to inspire millions to take up yoga and live life fearlessly. In "Yoga Girl," her beautiful new book that's part memoir, part yoga guide, she charts her journey from rebellious Danish teen to Aruba-based guru and demonstrates all the poses she mastered along the way.

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Yoga Girl
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Teacher brought yoga to millions
Stop forcing peace to come your way. Let go, and silence will find you. #love #breathe #silence #happiness #aruba #missingthesunshine #life
Had a wonderful time at @theyogashanti with @abcnews this morning! Thank you thank you thank you everyone for the warm welcome. AND we had a wonderful practice with @lara.heimann in our hotel room at the crack of dawn! Yoga Across America is in full swing🙏 ➡️➡️➡️I'll be signing books all evening tonight in Brielle, New Jersey! Come meet me at the public library in Brielle at 7pm; everybody's welcome and they've opened up more space to host us!!! See you soon!📚❤️📚 @booktowne #yogagirlbook #thehappinesstour #love !
Yoga teachers of North America! We are heading out on a two month tour this Sunday and to stay sane and healthy I'm scheduling in as much time for me to be a student as I possibly can. Self love hooray! I'll only have weird in between hours or mornings at hotels open so we probably won't get many chances to practice in actual studios. So: We are looking for teachers interested in teaching us privates in the mornings in exchange for marketing and hugs!!!🙏💜 I'm working on a big blog post called "Yoga Across America" and will highlight each teacher we practice with on the blog. ⭐️NYC-SAN FRAN-NAPA-PORTLAND-SEATTLE-VANCOUVER-ATLANTA-NASHVILLE-DALLAS-AUSTIN-BROOMFIELD-LA-SAN DIEGO!⭐️ Interested in having me, @dennisfromsalad and @ringo_thegringo as your students this spring? Email us➡️ info@rachelbrathen.com with subject line Yoga Across America! Please include a resume and write a little bit about your history as a teacher. We're also looking for bodywork. Staying healthy on the road requires A LOT of planning. Excited to see how these months turn out...!💪🍋🌱😘 #thehappinesstour #yogagirlbook #yogaeverydamnday
Wheelin' it out!😜 I spent at least 20 minutes rolling around like this on my mat this morning. We all carry tension from our past in different areas of the body. Feel-breathe-surrender-release; this is the practice. Heart openers are always such a struggle for me but this little prop helps. Review coming to rachelbrathen.com soon!🙏💜 #yogagirlreviews #dharmawheel #yoga #yogaprop #backbend #heart #practice #yogaeverydamnday
Throwback to my first yoga shoot EVER!😱SO long ago! In the most questionable (and beautiful!) parts of downtown Oranjestad here in Aruba with my brother from another mother/Dennis's second half @cado297 ✌️💛I could barely hold a handstand at this time, Instagram didn't exist yet(!) and we wandered these strange back alleys for yoga shots in front of the most unexpectedly gorgeous walls and houses. Feels like a lifetime ago. Everyone, go follow @cado297 !!! Amazing photographer and reclaimed wood collector that makes art and furniture out of literally everything. One of the most talented people I know... And our best friend! Follow @cado297 @cado297 @cado297 👣😘🌽💥 #pumpkin #loveyou #cadosbla #yoga #art #aruba #life
Yoga Girl - The Book is starting to make its way out into the world! I've managed to get a little sneak peek for you guys where you can see the beginning and read the introduction of the book online! Go to: http://smarturl.it/yg_read (link in bio)💜⬆️ and check it out! If you haven't gotten your copy yet, order it at yogagirlbook.com. Worldwide shipping. Love! #yogagirlbook #thehappinesstour #life #author #love #yoga
I am so excited about our local SUP Yoga business in Aruba! We have been hearing about several hotels directing people looking for our classes to competing businesses recently so I want to be very clear: @islandsup is the ONLY legal SUP Yoga business on the island as we are the only ones with certified and educated teachers. We have the only existing fleet of yoga boards in Aruba, and since I started SUP Yoga here over five years ago I have worked my butt off to continue to offer high quality, safe classes on the water. We now have a staff of six fully trained, SUP Yoga certified, WPE (World Paddle Association) educated teachers, all with complete CPR training, teaching full time. I am writing this as there are several new, questionable people teaching now with people attending classes thinking they are associated with us (no bueno!). Note that many people are currently trying to thrive on associating with us but unless you are on a @bogayoga board, you are not taking @islandsup class and the teacher you are with is NOT certified to teach (and can probably not save your life if you start drifting off to Panama🙈). Just felt an intense need to make this clear (some websites even use our photos to market themselves and I'm sick of this odd way of doing business) - I hope you are all having a wonderful morning! Much love, and yoga on✌️💜👋 @islandsup #supyoga #aruba #yogagirlrant #lol #love
A yoga practice in a beam of light. #yogaeverydamnday
i am sorry. completely and terribly. i am sorry for all the times and all the days and all the moments i did not tell you how much you are loved. i am sorry that you ache and that you bleed and that you crumble so much that sometimes it feels as if you are going to disintegrate into a million, hopeless pieces. i am sorry that it hurts that much more when i have forgotten, sadly forgotten, to tell you how much i was and am now, mad for even your pieces and i am sorry if you never felt me when i laid awake through the night watching you sleep trying to think of a way to thread you back only because i knew you wanted to be completed. i am sorry for the tide that blossoms in your eyes when you want nothing more than a calm, blue sea. i am sorry for all the times i cannot give that to you and i am not sorry for the times you cannot give it to me. it does not even matter my love, because you are all and you are everything. you are the grace, you are the splendor. you are the heaven, when i am the hell. you are all, all is you. i will marry your pieces. @christopherpoindexter you stir my soul #poetry #breathe #love #ache #life #thankyou
Pool side handstands err damn day! 💜@109world #life #yoga #adventure #handstand #smile
Let your spirit soar!🙌 @109world #loveforhumanity #hope #charity #life
Office Yoga! I just posted a big blog post with a full yoga sequence that you can do in your office chair! Working in front of a computer all day can make both our upper backs and necks very cranky and tight... Try this sequence our RIGHT NOW and I promise you an energy boost and a centered mind. Yoga every damn day - and wherever you are! www.rachelbrathen.com/blog (link above)⬆️🙏⬆️ #officeyoga #love #stretch #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #office #work #inspiration
Back in my living room and it feels gooooood☺️💪💦30 min run + 30 min yoga = love!❤️ #yogaeverydamnday #run #yoga #sweat #fitness #life #inspiration #happiness
Dare to live the life you dream of. @bogayoga #supyoga #dream #bogayoga #life #surf #yogaeverydamnday
Home sweet home! Happy to be back playing in the blue water🙏🌴☀️ @islandsup #aruba #home #handstand #yoga #yogaeverydamnday
Pura Vida!!!☀️🌴🙏 #costarica #happiness #yoga #life @benkanephoto
Even though we work to create a life of comfort and spend our days planning and structuring what's ahead, most of us seek adventure. We do. We want to feel butterflies in the pit of our stomachs. We have our routines and we do things the same way every day but secretly, we want to leave it all behind. Even if just for a little bit. We want to explore the rainforest and watch the sun rise through the ocean and rappel down waterfalls and go on a road trip without a map and jump out of airplanes and have conversations about God and eat spicy things off skewers from weird food trucks and walk through the desert and swim naked in the sea and stroll barefoot down an empty road and dance in the moonlight and cry for no reason and hold hands with strangers in the middle of the night and quit our jobs and try new things. We want to travel the world and throw caution to the wind. We want to live in the moment and say Yes when fear tells us No. Why? Because we secretly long for the unknown. It's where the magic is.
Goodbye, Thailand! It's been magical. The adventure continues...🌸🌴🌙🌈 #traveleverydamnday #yoga #life #acroyoga #smile #happy
Yoga... Every damn day!!! I can't even explain how happy I am to see how excited you all are about the online videos. You guys are amazing!💪If you've downloaded the classes already, snap a photo of your at-home yoga set up and show me how and where in the world you'll be practicing with me from now on! Tag #yogagirlpractice so I can see and like all your photos☺️ Here is the trailer for the second bundle. Download all 10 classes now at practice.rachelbrathen.com!🙏Link in bio!⬆️⬆️⬆️ #yogagirlpractice @gaiam #online #yoga #yogaeverydamnday
This is the year of looking our fears square in the eye without running away. This is a moment of no escape. It's time you step into the fire. Sit with your fears. Feel the pain. Let it pin you to the wall but not paralyze you. Let it break you open but not into pieces. Let it shake your ground but not your core. The universe will never give us anything we are not ready to deal with. So if you're finding yourself face to face with death and pain and fucked up, nothing-will-ever-be-the-same, gut wrenching, earth shattering loss? Congratulations. You're ready. We might not want them but we need awful situations to surface from time to time. This, right here? It's how we remember what it feels to be alive. It's how we're pulled from the drowsiness of regular, human, "is this really all there is?" type of living and it's how we grow. It's how we reach our full potential. We won't know how to love until we've had everything fall apart. It's time you stop wishing for a life where comfort and happiness and butterflies and rainbows is a permanent state because it's a grand illusion. There is no permanent state. The ground beneath us will always shake. Sometimes there is happiness and peace and sometimes there is sadness and despair. Clinging to one side is what pains us the most because it's the biggest deceit of all. We use hope to avoid looking at our scars and through that, we trick ourselves out of the present moment. We miss out on the feeling of being broken open by life every time we choose to numb our pain. And we'll spend the rest of our days trying to hide it it fade it or fix it. We write and drink and stay busy and talk and work and do yoga and read books and we tell ourselves we're healing when all we've done is run away. Everything can be an escape if you try hard enough. You need this. One day, you'll even be grateful. So remember that nothing is permanent. Let yourself fall apart and you'll see that there is more beauty in the in between than you could have ever imagined. Yes, there is death and loss and Yes, it's exhausting to live with this pain but NO, you will NOT give up. It's time to stop running. It's time to step into the fire.
Happy Valentine's Day, world! Give your loved ones extra smooches all day long today!😍❤️😘💘💋I love you @dennisfromsalad !!!💕 #valentinesday #love #kiss #happiness #soulmate
Early morning practice at @samujanavilla 🙏💜🌺 #grateful #sunrise #yoga #kohsamui #samujanavillas #life
Happiness is found in the place in between the "I want" and the "I have" and the "I wish". True joy lies in the realization of "I am" and in knowing that what we are is already enough. @aman #life #yoga #be

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