'Pawn Stars:' An Edward Hopper drawing gets a huge price tag

'Pawn Stars:' An Edward Hopper Drawing Gets a Huge Price Tag
'Pawn Stars:' An Edward Hopper Drawing Gets a Huge Price Tag

On an episode of "Pawn Stars," a charcoal piece thought to be drawn by the famous realist painter Edward Hopper made its way into the shop.

And even the gentleman who brought the drawing in was floored by its potential price tag.

"You know, I have to say, when you called me and told me you had an Edward Hopper here, that kinda gave me chills. If everything you say about this piece is true, you're not talking about a $100,000 artwork, you're talking about potentially a million dollar artwork," said expert Brett Maly on "Pawn Stars."

That's right, an original piece by Edward Hopper is worth a ton of dough.

In fact, back in 2013, the artist sold not one, but two paintings for well over $1 million.

His painting titled "Blackwell's Island" raked in a whopping $19 million at auction.

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And Hopper's "East Wind Over Weehawken" went for nearly double that price. It was expected to sell for between $22 and $28 million but went for $40.5 million, an all-time record for Hopper." (Video via CNBC)

So, did the drawing brought into the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop go down in history with those other two pieces, you ask?

Unfortunately, without a signature from the artist on the sketch and no official authentication, there was no way to tell if the piece was legitimate.

And, because of that, shop owner Rick Harrison just had to turn it down.

But still, he said he felt like he was missing out on a great opportunity. He admitted, "I spend millions of dollars every year in the shop, and maybe once a year I go, 'Ah, this is off.'"

Well, we applaud you for being a cautious buyer, Rick. You'll get 'em next time!

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