How Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to donate his fortune

Apple CEO Tim Cook Plans To Donate His Fortune
Apple CEO Tim Cook Plans To Donate His Fortune

Just before Tim Cook announced details on Apple's latest coveted gadget, the Apple Watch, the CEO sat down with Fortune to discuss filling the late Steve Jobs' shoes and what he's going to do with his estimated nearly $800,000,000 legacy.

In the lengthy interview, Cook -- who took over for Jobs in 2011 -- says he's different from his groundbreaking predecessor. Fortune put together a handy little chart to help visualize those differences.

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According to the chart, Cook "trumpets philanthropy and encourages employee giving" while Jobs "pooh-poohed corporate philanthropy"

Cook intends to carry that philanthropic thread right over into his personal wealth. He's worth about $120,000,000 with an additional almost $700,000,000 in restricted Apple stock. The CEO plans to pay for his nephew's education and give away the rest to charity, which he says he's already doing.

"You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change," Cook said.

When it comes to change, Apple is less of a pebble and more of a boulder. The Apple Watch comes out April 24th and starts at about $350. If you can afford it, the gold one will run you $17,000.

In 2014, Apple said it sold $10,000,000 of the latest iPhone in the first weekend.

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