Ben Stiller and Joan Rivers had feud they never squashed

Ben Stiller and Joan Rivers Had Feud They Never Squashed
Ben Stiller and Joan Rivers Had Feud They Never Squashed

While the late Joan Rivers was never the Queen of all sweetness, her insult brand of comedy was always aimed more at laughs than actual hatred -- but there's one Hollywood guy of whom she supposedly wasn't all that fond.

That's Ben Stiller. That's right, funnyman Ben Stiller was apparently someone that Rivers really had a dislike for, and they never resolved it before her death.

Stiller reportedly told Howard Stern on his radio show, "She had a thing about me. She didn't like me...I never had an interaction with her... I didn't understand why she didn't like me. I mean, I can understand that someone doesn't like me, whatever... you're allowed to have your opinion, but she had a thing because she was friends with my parents."

Stiller's parents, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, were apparently good friends with Joan for years, so why not like Ben?

Well, Stiller learned through Howard Stern that he supposedly snubbed Rivers on the red carpet one time, which is seemingly where it all started. Then Ben learned that Rivers said she thought he was "lucky" on a documentary -- and they never squashed it.

Now, Stiller has nothing but nice thoughts and praise for her memory and career.

As People reports, Stiller said, "She was great, and I feel bad that we never got to work that out ... It's sad."

You can listen to the full "Howard Stern" clip below:

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