Animal services in Oregon baffled to see pink chickens wandering in park

Animal Services In Oregon Baffled To See Pink Chickens Wandering In Park
We are all used to seeing chickens in certain colors.

Residents in Oregon got quite a surprise when two bright pink chickens were spotted hanging out near Portland's waterfront park.

No one in the vicinity knew how the chickens had gotten there, who owned them, or the duration of time they had been in the area. It's also unclear why the chickens were dyed, but it likely has something to do with the upcoming Easter holiday.

Pink chickens in Oregon
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Animal services in Oregon baffled to see pink chickens wandering in park
The pink chickens have arrived! If they're yours, please call us or come out to the shelter.
Are these your pink chickens? Call Multnomah County Animal Control
Lost your pink chickens? Animal control agents are looking for you
Pink chickens found along Portland waterfront
ICYMI- Are these your pink chickens? cc: @PortlandiaTV
Who owns the Pink Chickens of Portland? #pdx

Dyeing chicks is a common yet controversial practice around Easter time and often the vibrant babies are placed in baskets and given away as pets. The case of the chickens though is unusual, given that they were left to roam around on their own.

Multnomah County Animal Services was contacted and an officer was sent out to the scene. Employees there are hoping to find the owner, and even though they're not overjoyed about the animals being dyed, they aren't planning to issue fines.

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