'Super Troopers' sequel raises $2M on IndieGoGo in 24 hours!

'Super Troopers' Fans Can Help Fund Sequel Right Meow
'Super Troopers' Fans Can Help Fund Sequel Right Meow

It's time for a whole new bunch of shenanigans!

Fans of the comedy classic Super Troopers have pulled together to make the long-awaited sequel a reality.

After 14 years of constantly being the go-to DVD at house parties all across the country, the Broken Lizard crew, who chose to crowdfund the sequel on IndieGoGo, surpassed their $2 million goal in just 24 hours.

Super Troopers 2: The Tim Is Meow will be distributed by 20th Century Fox, but the studio and the creative forces behind the film wanted to make sure the fan base was strong enough to support the project.

It turns out that the fan base is stronger than anyone anticipated.

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"If we could cry, we'd be crying," reads an update on the campaign page. "Thank you so much. Sincerely. We can make the skinny version of Super Troopers 2 but I think we all want the muscular version so let's keep going!"

The campaign has over 30 days left to continue to raise funds, and the creators have already said that the more money they raise, the bigger and crazier the film will be.

Most of the high-end donation perks have been sold out, however there are still many perks remaining. On the lower-end, you can donate to receive anything from a Super Troopers 2 shirt, to a private screening.

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Then again, if you've got money to burn, $20,000 will get you a personal stand-up show for you and 99 of your closest friends. For $25,000 the cast of Super Troopers 2 will serve as your Groomsmen (Or Bridesmaids) at your wedding -- and VIP premiere tickets for you and your spouse.

IndieGoGo and Kickstarter have been lifelines for a number of celebs in recent years. Last year's Veronica Mars film and Zach Braff's dramedy Wish I Was Here both used crowdfunding, and recently Firefly alums Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion managed to raise over $2 million for their web series Con Man.

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