Man gets $7M lottery ticket in 'Get Well' card

Man Gets $7M Lottery Ticket in Get-Well Card
Man Gets $7M Lottery Ticket in Get-Well Card

Seven million dollars. How about that for a get-well present?

Joseph Amorese of Easton, Pennsylvania, was recovering from hernia surgery last month. His father sent him a 'Get Well' card with a scratch-off lottery ticket inside.

That ticket turned out to be a winner. A $7 MILLION winner.

Amorese told WABC: "Just sheer disbelief. You know, I'd never seen a winning ticket."

Amorese told WABC that his dad often sends lottery tickets as gifts, but this is the first one to hit the jackpot.

He told WCBS: "I had surgery, so I didn't jump up and down, but in my mind, I was jumping up and down. ... My life, I don't expect it to change a whole lot. I'm still going to go to work every day. My wife's gonna go to work, and we're going to invest the money and enjoy life."

Amorese's payout will be just over $4.6 million after taxes. He says his only splurge might be a second honeymoon with his wife.

According to its website, the New York Lottery is the largest and most profitable in the U.S., contributing more than $3 billion to education in the state in the past fiscal year.

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