Former 'Glee' star settles sexual assault suit

Former Glee Star Settles Sexual Assault Suit
Former Glee Star Settles Sexual Assault Suit

Former "Glee" star Mark Salling settled a sexual assault lawsuit this week and the plaintiff is awarded nearly $3 million in damages.

TMZ is reporting that Salling agreed to the settlement earlier this week -- midway through the trial. In the settlement, an allegation of sexual battery was dropped, but the former TV star admitted to negligence.

Here's the back story:

In 2013, TMZ reported that Salling was being sued over an incident in which an ex-fling claimed the actor forced her to have unprotected sex. The suit alleged that Salling wouldn't use a condom but that the sex was consensual.

The victim said she confronted the "Glee" star days later and claimed he knocked her to the ground and injured her knees.

Salling responded by saying that's not how it went down and accused her of attacking him; the injuries, he claimed, were a result of self defense.

Fast forward to this week and someone is paying up for damages, but it isn't Salling. The settlement awards over $700K for medical costs, $1.8 million for pain and suffering and a couple hundred thousand more for non-economic damages -- totaling to almost $3 million.

TMZ reports that the settlement is bizarre because the victim agreed to only seek payment from Salling's insurance company, State Farm -- and the actor will actually get a percentage of the award.

The on-screen bad boy was one of five "Glee" stars to leave Fox's hit show back in 2013 -- around the same time the allegations about the 2011 incident became known. Salling made guest appearances in the fifth and sixth season, though some media outlets claimed his departure from the show was due to his off-screen behavior.

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