Florida high school requires bathroom escorts for students

One Fla. High School Requires Bathroom Escorts for Students
One Fla. High School Requires Bathroom Escorts for Students

"I think that having an escort to bring you back and forth to the bathroom is some sort of invasion of privacy," a Florida high school student told WFTS.

That was a student from Zephyrhills High School in Florida, where a new bathroom policy was implemented Tuesday.

Our partners at WFTS say if students now have to go to the bathroom during class, they can go only if they're escorted by one of five supervisors. Escorts are not required to take students to the bathroom during passing periods or lunch.

"We've had issues with people being accosted coming out of bathrooms, drug deals taking place in the hallways, students having sex in bathrooms. That's what we're trying to put a stop to," teacher Catherine Burgess told WFLA.

Students and parents are not happy with the new bathroom regulations.

"I feel like I'm either being treated like a toddler or a prison inmate," one student told WTSP.

"We're in high school; we shouldn't be babysat. We should be able to go to the bathroom," a student told WFTS.

"It's an endangerment to their health, having to hold their bladder that long," a parent said.

But Zephyrhills' faculty is completely on board with the policy, even going so far as to hold signs in support during the principal's speech Wednesday.

In the face of complaints, the bathroom policy is being slightly modified. Starting Friday, students who have disciplinary or academic issues will be the only ones required to have an escort take them to the bathroom.

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