10 best beauty foods for acne

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While teens always have the hope of a brighter, acne-free future, it's more difficult for grown-ups to bare. It's not just about hormones, it's the whole lifestyle. Adult acne is often closely related to a lack of sleep, exercise and hydration, but also to the food intake. Eating refined foods (sugar, grains etc.) influences the skin by clogging the pores, which in turn leads to those dreaded zits.

On the bright side, there are also foods that do the opposite! These 10 beauty foods for acne fight it from the inside out, giving you an extra boost of confidence.


The miracle veggie contains omega-3 fatty acids, the intake of which control the production of leukotriene B4. The latter is responsible for sebum increase and inflammatory acne.

Try this: Spring detox smoothie by Hello Natural


A cup of peppermint tea is good for many things, including digestion and stress. Since acne is often caused by stress, a warm cup could be your easy solution to clear skin.

Try this: Herbal tea blend by Hello Natural


The flavored root is detoxifying and reduces the swelling of the body, but it also does wonders for your skin. It's packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which balance the oxygen and result in healthy, acne-free skin.

Try this: Fennel and cabbage slaw by Oh My Veggies


Most nuts are indicated in a healthy diet, but Brazil nuts take it to the next level with selenium, a powerful antioxidant which protects cells from inflammatory, also preserving the skin's elasticity. This translates into visible improvements on acne-prone skin.

Try this: Blueberry kale smoothie by Hello Natural


Red grapes as well as their seeds come with natural antioxidants that can treat inflammatory skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema and yes, acne).

Try this: Wild rice with roasted grapes & walnuts by Oh My Veggies


High in vitamin A and E, potassium, calcium and magnesium, this wondrous root aids in healing and general health of the skin, while also eliminating toxins and lowering cholesterol.

Try this: Beet carrot pineapple orange juice by Hello Natural.


You'll enjoy your tofu even more, now that you know it's a source of protein, calcium and non-saturated fats, which combine into a great acne remedy.

Try this: Cashew tofu quinoa bowls by Oh My Veggies.


Not only is garlic delicious in almost any food, but it also contains allicin which kills harmful bacteria and viruses inside the body. This means clear skin and less chances to catch a cold.

Try this: Roasted cauliflower cheddar dip by Hello Natural.


They lead to better skin, including skin luminosity, and it's often used in creams and beauty products. Consumed raw or cooked, it boosts the immune system and aids digestion.

Try this: Fire-roasted tomato spaghetti with chicken and artichokes by Hello Natural.


Even a handful of pumpkin seeds on a salad or smoothie can help clear your skin of acne, because of the seed's high content of vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.

Try this: Power pumpkin seed smoothie by Hello Natural.

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