Sarah Silverman gets backlash over rape tips tweet

Twitterverse Upset Over Sarah Silverman Rape Tips Tweet
Twitterverse Upset Over Sarah Silverman Rape Tips Tweet

Comedians step over the line all the time -- it's part of their schtick. One tweet has people asking, "Did funny girl Sarah Silverman go too far?"

This week the comedienne tweeted out 10 rape prevention tips ... for men. The tips include sage advice like "don't put drugs in women's drinks' and "if you are in an elevator and a woman gets in, don't rape her."

The post was retweeted thousands of times with some finding the humor but many were outraged. One user tweeted: "rather harsh on those of us who, you know, wouldn't dream of hurting anyone...."

And another: "yeah it's extremely offensive. It implies that it's common for men to think about ways to rape girls, when that's nonsense"

So, yeah the Twitterverse is taking Silverman to task over her tweet -- but, maybe we should consider the source which, in this case, isn't even Silverman. The post is a retweet.

According to the Daily Mail, the set of tips is nearly 4 years old and was first posted "in a blog on Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence back in 2011."

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