Florida man high on bath salts slaps fire chief

Florida Man High On Bath Salts Slaps Fire Chief
Florida Man High On Bath Salts Slaps Fire Chief

Florida's latest bath salts case involves a man fighting a car and a fire chief.

Richard Keefer, 35, doesn't look too disappointed about his drug-fueled adventure in Volusia County. Fire Chief Michael Inglett says he saw Keefer running down the road Friday night.

Keefer jumped on the hood of a woman's car and then headbutted the windshield so hard that it cracked the glass.

Inglett says he went to confront Keefer who then *slapped* him. The chief hit him *back* and witnesses helped hold him down until police arrived. Keefer later told authorities he had taken methadone and bath salts.

Keep in mind, not all bath salts are created equal.

For example, there's the kind you can get on Etsy that help relax your muscles and soften your skin...and then there's the kind that Florida banned that'll have you craving human flesh and make your heart explode.

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