Waitress accidentally serves 2-year-old sangria

Waitress accidentally serves 2-year-old sangria

A North Carolina's family dinner turned into a nightmare when a waitress' mistake sent their toddler to the hospital.

Tiffany and Derek Gilliam took their 2-year-old daughter Gabriela to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Derek's birthday. They ordered a cranberry juice for little Gabby but the waitress brought her sangria instead.

Her parents told WLOS it didn't take long for them to notice something was wrong.

"She was staggering and she was kissing everything ... you shouldn't have to be scared for your 2-year-old's life over some careless mistake like that."

Gabriela's parents say she began throwing up and they took her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with accidental alcohol ingestion.

Fortunately, family members say she's doing much better. The restaurant issued a public apology to the family, saying it was an honest mistake and they also took care of the bill.

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