The ultimate guide to gorgeous 10-minute hairstyles

By Hello Natural

We all love getting compliments on our hair, makeup and clothes. But most of the time, we only get about 10 minutes before going out the door in a hurry, and hair tends to be the one left out. We resolve to never leave the house again without consulting these 17 amazingly easy hair tutorials!


1. Two-minute easy updo tutorial by Hello Natural. A romantic, but casual updo that anyone can do by themselves, with just an elastic headband.

2. Update a ponytail by Runway Chef. Ponytails are more fun with a twist. For example, you can braid yours for a different look.

3. DIY looped ponytail by Love, Blair. Get an effortless look with just a hair tie and your own two hands.

4. How to style a scarf the Great Gatsby way by Hello Natural. Scarves are excellent helpers for second-day hair and lazy days. Plus, they look so stylish!

5. Put a bow on it by Camille Styles. Tease up your hair a little bit and add a bow for a classic, yet romantic hairdo.

6. The boho updo by One O. What may look like an intricate braid done by a professional is actually just braided pigtails that are twisted into a bun.

7. Pearl ponytail by The Sassy Street. Don't let your ponytail become a bore: make it elegant with a pearl bracelet.

8. Fast and easy double knot ponytail by Gina Michele. A complicated-looking ponytail that is actually put together in a couple of minutes.

9. Simple twisted crown by The Merrythought. All the beauty of a crown, without the fuss of braiding. This tutorial uses easy twisting and it looks just lovely.

10. The 10-minute fishtail updo by Pearls on a String. While this is way more interesting than regular buns, it takes just as little time to put together!

11. The secret pin-back hairstyle by Hair Romance. If you're not into showing your bobby pins, this half-up do is just right for you!

12. Wedding chignon by She Lets Her Hair Down. For an uncomplicated wedding hairstyle, try this side chignon with just a little twisting and some bobby pins.

13. Ten-minute loose curls by Pink Pistachio. Get dreamy beach waves quickly and be out the door!

14. Tuck and cover half by Missy Sue. The headband trick looks great on long hair, tucking part of it and leaving the rest down.

15. Braided crown by Helen Torsgarden. A quick braided crown that looks very put together, when it's actually so easy to do.

16. Messy side ponytail by Hello Natural. Upgrade your ponytail with a knot to the side, in just five minutes!

17. Half up, double bun tutorial by Sidewalk Ready. If you're in a time crunch (and who isn't?), try this easy and quick messy bun tutorial.

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