The 'most Canadian photo ever' takes over the Internet

The 'Most Canadian Photo Ever' Takes Over The Internet
The 'Most Canadian Photo Ever' Takes Over The Internet

Canada is known for a number of things, and among them are a love of hockey, breathtaking snowy landscapes, and the nation's distinctively dressed mounted police force.

All of those defining elements have been captured in a single image, which is being hailed as the 'most Canadian photo ever' and has taken over the Internet.

It shows a uniformed Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer playing one-on-one hockey on rink situated on a mountain.

The men featured in it are Cpl. Shaun Begg and a member of the local hockey team, the Kaslo Afterburners.

The photo made its way into the hands of police superiors who then tweeted it.

Ever since, it's been picking up pace on its way through the Internet, and has been shared thousands of times, including by the NHL.

It's also become the subject of a contest being held by The Weather Network, which is asking people to make the image even more Canadian.

Entries thus far include one in which a beaver carrying a plate of poutine has been added.

Among the objects other contestants chose to throw in are a beer store, a Tim Hortons, and a moose saying 'sorry'.

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