Paula Deen to make TV return

Paula Deen To Make TV Return
Paula Deen To Make TV Return

Paula Deen is making her return to television -- but on a channel no one has ever heard of.

For the first time since her 2013 fall from grace over racist remarks, the 68-year-old culinary celebrity will have her live show on Evine Live. According to Market Wired, "Paula Deen's Kitchen" will be a live three-hour program where Deen will offer exclusive food and pantry items for purchase.

If you think that sounds like the Home Shopping Network, you're right! That's pretty much what this is. Evine recently changed its name from ShopHQ, which may be why it doesn't sound familiar.

In addition to purchasing various products, fans will also be able to get up close and personal with Deen by asking her questions via Google Hangout.

The Southern cooking personality has slowly stepped back into the spotlight since 2013 when she admitted to using the N-word at times, leading a number of networks, publishing companies, and brands to cut ties. In 2014, Deen launched the digital Paula Deen Network, but Evine Live will be her official return to TV.

"Paula Deen's Kitchen" will premiere March 25th.

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