NCAA All-Tournament Team after the first two rounds

The "madness" portion of the 2015 NCAA Tournament is over.

Yes, college basketball's marquee event is still very much in full swing with two additional weekends of action on the hardwood, but the widespread fury of the first four days is behind us. As usual, the first weekend provided a great deal of excitement, and Thursday's slate provided one of the most memorable single days in recent memory.

To chronicle what took place, we will be taking a look at the players who dominated on the floor, and in that, we will be selecting the "All-Tournament Team" to this point in the process. Obviously, the "real" All-Tournament team will include up to six games for each player, but in this space, there will be a snapshot of the stand-out from the most riveting four days on the college hoops calendar.

It should be noted that this isn't a level playing field, as the top seeds in the tournament often enjoy blowout wins in the first round, limiting their individual statistical brilliance. With that on the table, let's unveil the picks, beginning with the sixth man and rolling through a "starting five."

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