Major pop star reaches out to teen after dress code controversy

Major pop star reaches out to teen after dress code controversy

"Katy Perry tweeted me and I think I froze for about 10 minutes," said Ball with a grin on his face.

Katy Perry most likely found him on twitter because of the hashtag – #clothinghasnogender.

"She said she would be there in spirit with me on Monday and that she wants to borrow the shawl," he said.

That shawl is part of an outfit that started the hashtag. Ball dressed his best on his birthday, but the school asked him to take off various pieces because it didn't comply with the school's dress code. So #clothinghasnogender was born.

"Freedom of expression and you can have a safe place to do it in the learning environment," said Ball about the hastag's meaning.

The phrase was printed on shirts and sold to more than 200. Friends decided to wear it on the first day back to show support.

"Be yourself. No one can take that away from you," he said.

The Ball family met with the school last Wednesday and is hopeful about changing the policy to include gender sensitivity. The district says it reviews its dress code ever year, but wouldn't comment about this student's involvement.

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