Lily Aldridge says she was a 'lanky, awkward' teenager

Lily Aldridge Says She Was A Lanky, Awkward Teenager
Lily Aldridge Says She Was A Lanky, Awkward Teenager

Here's something you probably wouldn't believe it if we told you: Lily Aldridge didn't exactly have all the boys flocking to her in high school. Actually, in Maxim's latest issue, Lily says she didn't even go to prom.

The 29-year-old world-famous model says high school actually wasn't her finest moment. "I know it's an age-old story that no one believes, but no one asked me out in high school," she revealed.

And even though the reason she didn't go to her high school prom was because she was busy modeling in Paris, Lily says she was painfully shy.

Years later, though, as a Victoria's Secret model, Sports Illustrated cover model and many more, she says she's found it's actually more exhausting to be shy than to just be open.

Meanwhile, although Lily is used to showing off some skin on the runway, she says she refrains from going too far. "I'm very careful about it. I enjoy feeling sexy and beautiful; I just don't think everyone needs to see everything."

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