Kenny Chesney paid a pre-fame Taylor Swift not to come on tour with him

Kenny Chesney Paid Taylor Swift to Quit His Tour
Kenny Chesney Paid Taylor Swift to Quit His Tour

Kenny Chesney once paid Taylor Swift to quit his tour -- but it's not because he thought she was 'trouble.' (Sorry, it's too hard not to give in to the lure of puns.)

USA Today reports that it's quite the opposite. Chesney realized Swift was going to be a seriously big deal, and he asked her to be part of his 2009 Sun City Carnival Tour.

TIME reminds us that though she was certainly well known and had hits like 'Our Song' and 'Love Story,' she was not yet the full fledged phenomenon she would soon become.

The split from the tour had nothing to do with any falling out between the stars. In fact, it came down to something Swift couldn't change -- her age. She was still a minor, and since the tour was being sponsored by Corona Light, it wouldn't have been a positive message for Swift, her fans or Chesney.

The call was reportedly pretty awkward, but Chesney cut Swift a check and there was no love lost.

SF Gate reports that the two came face-to-face again later that year at the CMAs, where things came full circle in a pretty funny way. Swift actually beat Chesney for the Entertainer of the Year award, ending Chesney's four-year streak, and proving his instincts about her star power right.

"I went up to her backstage, gave her a hug and told her I wanted my money back," Chesney told USA Today.

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