Hidden love story revealed when lost bracelet is returned in Massachusetts

Hidden Love Story Revealed When Lost Bracelet Is Returned in Massachusetts
Hidden Love Story Revealed When Lost Bracelet Is Returned in Massachusetts

NEWTON, Mass. (WCVB) -The mystery behind a bracelet is solved and the hidden love story about it is revealed as a woman travels hundreds of miles to return it to a Newton home.

And it was a woman's knock at the door that blows the mind and warms the heart.

Abraham Silverman left for World War II with a bracelet from his wife, Ronda Berkman's mother.

Berkman said she never knew about the bracelet and never even had it in her home until a woman from Minnesota showed up to her Newton home with the treasure.

Cindy Ellingson, of Minnesota, was 9-years-old when she noticed the bracelet in her mother's jewelry box.

Over the decades no one ever explained its history, so when her mother died she went on a mission to find the owner of the bracelet and return it.

"The bracelet has my dad's name, Abraham Silverman, and his serial number on the top side, and on the bottom is 'I'll always love you, Ann,' is engraved on the back," Berkman said. "It was a way of, you know, being immediately remembered. Something you could touch even though you were separated by distance and time, but also the darker side of that is, you know, it was a way besides the dog tags of being identified. Which is not pleasant to think about."

Her father died eight years ago, and now with the return of the bracelet she's going through heirlooms and paperwork she never thought about until now.

"Somehow it just makes their early relationship really real to me," Berkman said. "It's really sweet. I'm very, very, very happy it's come home to us."

One mystery still remains though -- how did the bracelet end up in Minnesota if they had never visited before? No one will ever be able to answer that question.

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