5 ways to clean your skin without soap

By Hello Natural

Confession: I regularly break the 'always wash your face before bed' rule. Soap left my skin feeling dry and tight, and I rationalized not using it because I wear very little makeup. Eventually it dawned on me that the soap I've been using since high school probably wasn't the best fit for my skin.

Not knowing what to use, I gave up on cleaning altogether and just started slathering my face with coconut oil. At first, I was sure a major outbreak would come from the oil, but, lo and behold, my skin felt awesome. Glowing, even. And when I switched back to my old moisturizer while on vacation THAT'S when I got a zit!

What kind of cleanser do you need? The answer is, it depends! On your skin, your make-up usage, the season, etc. Now I even wash with coconut oil, but there are days when you need to exfoliate and clean away extra makeup. So I started experimenting with non-soap ways to clean my face. A trip to the kitchen is all you need to try one of these 5 methods that will gently clean your skin.

The classic cleanser that kept Cleopatra looking so beautiful. The lactic acid works to remove dead skin cells while the milk proteins and fat moisturize and plump the skin – so stick with whole milk, not fat free. To use on your face, pour a small amount into your palm and massage into your skin. You can also combine whole milk with a whipped egg for dry skin or add aloe vera for sensitive skin. Get head to toe milk benefits by adding 2-4 cups to your bath.

Oatmeal is one of the best natural cleansers hiding in your pantry. The soft texture gently exfoliates, so it's a perfect mild cleanser for sensitive skin. Grind 1/4 cup whole oats and store in a sealed container. When you're ready to cleanse, combine a pinch of powder with a small amount of water, oil or aloe vera in your palm to make a paste. Massage into skin and rinse with warm water. Mix up your cleansing grains by adding wheat germ, cornmeal or ground rice.

I love lemons! They're are an excellent cleanser for oily skin and help make you look younger. You can combine lemon juice with milk or yogurt for a creamier cleanser or apply the juice after you cleanse for a non scrubbing exfoliator. I like to apply fresh lemon juice directly to my skin, let it absorb for a few minutes (don't rinse) and then moisturize. It sounds like it would sting or make your skin dry but it actually feels quite refreshing – just don't get it in your eyes!

Sugar can also gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin – just make sure to use a finely ground sugar that won't be too abrasive for your face. Combine sugar with a small amount of water or oil to make a paste. I like using coconut or olive oil because you get the moisturizing benefits at the same time. You could also use aloe vera if your skin is oily. Gently massage into your face (and body, if you like) then rinse.

Just recently I started using honey on my skin on a regular basis, and, wow, it feels amazing! Honey is a natural humectant that draws moisture from the air, leaving your face dewy and soft. Plus raw honey has amazing healing properties that soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. You can combine 1/2 cup of honey with 1-2 tablespoons of castile soap for a foaming gel cleanser.

Regardless of what I clean with, I always end with coconut oil. Then I dab on my anti wrinkle eye oil. That's it!


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