Pope Francis credited for 'half-miracle'

Pope Francis Credited For 'Half-Miracle'
Pope Francis Credited For 'Half-Miracle'

Some say Pope Francis might be responsible for a "half-miracle."

During a mass in Naples on Saturday, he was given a vial of dried blood belonging to St. Gennaro, the city's patron saint.

The archbishop of Naples says when Francis kissed the glass, the blood half-liquified and the cardinal declared it a miracle.

The pope then joked that he and his congregation had to work harder since, quote, "the saint only loves us half-way."

St. Gennaro was martyred in AD 305. The church's followers believe that with enough prayer the preserved blood will liquify when it's put on display during the three feast days celebrated each year.

According to the Catholic Herald, Saturday was the first time the blood has liquified in the papal presence since 1848, when it did so in front of Pope Pius IX.

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