Flight attendant's boyfriend proposes mid-flight via intercom

Flight Attendant's Boyfriend Proposes Mid-Flight Via Intercom
Flight Attendant's Boyfriend Proposes Mid-Flight Via Intercom

An Alaska Airlines flight attendant recently got a romantic surprise during a flight from Seattle to Juneau. Brandy Hollenbeck's boyfriend and her colleagues worked together to carry out a surprise marriage proposal over the plane's PA system.

One of her fellow flight attendants commented, "We tried to keep her busy in the back of the plane during boarding so she wouldn't see her boyfriend Eric board."

Eric Greener knew months in advance that he wanted to propose mid-air, but the decision of when to do it was made quickly.

Given that he's a pilot, he was permitted to sit in the flight deck jump seat, out of sight from his unsuspecting girlfriend. About halfway through the flight, he chose to tell everyone on the plane their romantic story via the intercom.

Hollenbeck was serving drinks to passengers at the time, and she eventually realized the person speaking on the PA was telling her own tale of love. Soon enough, she heard the words 'will you marry me' and rushed over to the man who had been on the loudspeaker.

He received a "yes" for an answer, she got a ring and passengers had a much more fun flight than typical.

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